Five Years From Now My Photography Will Look Like…

So before we talked about what our photography might have looked like if we'd been born a generation older, and you all had plenty to say. Let's throw our time machine into forward gear and project to five years from now. What will your photography look like then? For me, I imagine something like this...… Continue reading Five Years From Now My Photography Will Look Like…

Spare Us Your Shutter Speeds, Share With Us Your Soul

This is an open letter, a plea, to all of us who write about cameras and photography. A plea to espouse less about the range of shutter speeds or shooting modes or sensor dimensions of your latest (old) photographic friend. To spare us another paragraph containing mind numbingly over used phrases like "the top plate… Continue reading Spare Us Your Shutter Speeds, Share With Us Your Soul

How Photography and Blogging Get More Rewarding Over Time

My first intentional photography was not all that long ago. In 2006, for the first time I chose a mobile phone for its camera's capabilities above all else - the now very humble sounding 3.2MP sensor that graced the Sony Ericsson K800i. Compositionally, the images I made with the Sony aren't that different to those… Continue reading How Photography and Blogging Get More Rewarding Over Time

Film Photography’s Lost Lessons #1 – Aperture

My photography journey so far can be described in three stages - 1. Phone cameras taught me the basics of composition and helped me find my favourite subjects. 2. Film photography showed me the fundamental potential and relationship between ISO, aperture and shutter speed. 3. Digital compacts gives me the best balance of pleasure, simplicity,… Continue reading Film Photography’s Lost Lessons #1 – Aperture

Trading Pixels For Paper

Aside from Wouter’s vast archive of photography on his blog, I’ve not found much inspiration online recently. So I’m going back to basics, and have just borrowed a handful of photography books from the local library, as well as resuming one I got as a present last year and got about half way through (the… Continue reading Trading Pixels For Paper