24 Lessons (Part 1) From 24 Months Of Photo Blogging

My first post debuted on 35hunter back in December 2015. Now, some 24 months and 110 blog posts later, it seems a good time to reflect on what I've learned - about blogging, about photography, and about myself. This started as a single post, but quickly meandered in excess of 2000 words. The final tally… Continue reading 24 Lessons (Part 1) From 24 Months Of Photo Blogging


How To Create An Amazing Photography Blog

My friend across the pond, fellow photographer and camera enthusiast Jim Grey wrote a post recently about how to be internet famous with film photography. It got me thinking about what I enjoy most about photography blogs, the recipe required for a delicious photographic feast. Here are the ingredients I feel you need - Interesting… Continue reading How To Create An Amazing Photography Blog