Spare Us Your Shutter Speeds, Share With Us Your Soul

This is an open letter, a plea, to all of us who write about cameras and photography. A plea to espouse less about the range of shutter speeds or shooting modes or sensor dimensions of your latest (old) photographic friend. To spare us another paragraph containing mind numbingly over used phrases like "the top plate… Continue reading Spare Us Your Shutter Speeds, Share With Us Your Soul

How To Ruthlessly Edit Your Photographs

If you've been an enthusiastic film photographer for even a year or two, no doubt you've made hundreds, if not thousands of images. If you've also used digital cameras, it's highly likely you've edged into tens of thousands. Yes, all those pictures made with your camera phone count too. But how do you choose just the… Continue reading How To Ruthlessly Edit Your Photographs

How Many Photographs?

Something that's arisen in numerous conversations recently is the wide range between how many photographs we each take. A professional photographer might take thousands of photographs per assignment, and hundreds of thousands of images each year. A casual amateur film photographer might shoot a roll of film a month, and less than a dozen rolls,… Continue reading How Many Photographs?

These Three Photographs – Cars

In person I might be a little shy on conversation, but give me a written platform and I can ramble for hours. Whilst common blogging wisdom might say share short posts often to get most reach and response from your readers, I generally write much longer posts, and less frequently. So to punctuate the inevitable… Continue reading These Three Photographs – Cars