Dances With Digital Dilettantes – Pt 1

Shooting with film for the last five years or so has given me huge pleasure, taught me a great deal about the basics of composing and taking photographs, and created a small body of work I'm very happy with. But there came a point some months back where I deconstructed what film photography gave me,… Continue reading Dances With Digital Dilettantes – Pt 1


The Cinderella Dilemma – Finding A Camera That Fits

When you know, you know. The moment your fingers first close around the body and it feels like they were meant to be here from birth. The instant your eyes meet the viewfinder and the view seems even more big and bright and colourful than if the glass wasn't even there. And then, when you… Continue reading The Cinderella Dilemma – Finding A Camera That Fits

Five Way 50mm PK Showdown

Some weeks back I experimented with four M42 50mm lenses to see how they compared shooting the same scene at a range of apertures. The results were, at least in part, quite unexpected, and the all round victor was the wonderful Asahi Super-Takumar 55/1.8. With that in mind, and with my 50mm lenses in Pentax K… Continue reading Five Way 50mm PK Showdown


Since my first taste of film photography in June 2012 I've used maybe 80+ different cameras, and probably 30+ SLRs. I finally feel like I've honed down to my essential SLR collection. I wouldn't rule out any slight variations in the future, but these core seven are all firm favourites, for various reasons. Pentax cameras dominate,… Continue reading Seven

The Thinking Man’s Compact

After having maybe ten Pentax Espio compacts, I can confidently say that they all perform pretty well and are enjoyable to us. Looking for a later era ('90s on) 35mm film compact, you wouldn't go far wrong with any of this popular and almost endless range. The latest I have been using is the Pentax… Continue reading The Thinking Man’s Compact

Last Three Standing

Feeling somewhat overwhelmed recently by the extent of the cameras I've amassed, I've been thinking about the "rip it up and start again" approach. If I lost all my cameras in a fire or flood, which three would I seek to replace first? After surprisingly little thought (approximately 30 seconds) the candidates were obvious. Here… Continue reading Last Three Standing

Competent Companion

Recently I've come across a number of Pentax compacts, and am gradually working through them, separating the best from the rest. Which isn't that easy. Pentax know how to make a decent compact, and you can't go far wrong with any of their models from the early 80s onwards for a capable point and shoot.… Continue reading Competent Companion