Camera Collection Reboot – Which Three Would You Choose?

A recent post on JimGrey's blog got me thinking... So many of us have built up a bigger collection of cameras than we intended to - or will ever use - and are struggling to whittle them back down to a manageable size again. But what if we took a different, more radical approach to streamlining the… Continue reading Camera Collection Reboot – Which Three Would You Choose?

The Colours Of Spring (Through The Eyes Of The Pentax Q)

It's only mid February but there are plenty of signs of spring here. Which means a bit of a shift in palette from my photography - I've been shooting probably 90% monochrome and 10% muted colour since October.  The Pentax Q is very obliging with its array of settings. Most useful are Custom Image and… Continue reading The Colours Of Spring (Through The Eyes Of The Pentax Q)

One Room, Fifty Photographs

A while back I found an interesting experiment in the comments of one of Wouter Brandsma's posts. The idea stuck with me, waiting for the right time to resurface. This came a couple of days ago, after a bizarre knee injury meant I was far less mobile than I like, I found myself alone in… Continue reading One Room, Fifty Photographs

Irreversible Photography Gets Quter – Pentax Q 07 Shield Mount Lens

Irreversible photography - making images in camera that then cannot be (or are not) altered in any way afterwards - is hugely appealing to me. With my Pentax Q and the 01 Standard Prime 47mm equivalent f/1.9 lens it came with, this is pretty easy. I've set the camera up (using the Quick Dial on… Continue reading Irreversible Photography Gets Quter – Pentax Q 07 Shield Mount Lens

Qutest Companion – Pentax Q First Thoughts

In recent months I've shot almost entirely with my Ricoh siblings, the GRD III and GX100. Collectively these invisible cameras have changed the game for me. The liberation in using such a compact, yet capable, sophisticated, yet refreshingly simple camera has made me start to question whether I need a DSLR at all any more. … Continue reading Qutest Companion – Pentax Q First Thoughts