Why I Use Flickr

In a recent post we talked about how the internet helps and hinders my photography. The pros far outweigh the cons, and this post is the first in a small series about some of the sites and services I use online, and the benefits they've bought me as a photographer. First up, Flickr. I joined… Continue reading Why I Use Flickr


Dances With Digital Dilettantes – Pt 1

Shooting with film for the last five years or so has given me huge pleasure, taught me a great deal about the basics of composing and taking photographs, and created a small body of work I'm very happy with. But there came a point some months back where I deconstructed what film photography gave me,… Continue reading Dances With Digital Dilettantes – Pt 1

How I Keep Photography Simple (Digital Edition)

The reasons I photograph are very straightforward, whether I use a film or digital camera, an SLR or a compact. I wrote about this in more depth recently, but the short version is - to roam the English countryside, to feel the immersion of the moment and the whole world being in the viewfinder, to… Continue reading How I Keep Photography Simple (Digital Edition)

How Shooting Film Positively Transformed My Digital Photography

Before I discovered film, my main photography experience was with camera phones, then a Nikon Coolpix, which I shot 1000 photographs a month with for seven months. Shooting film over the next five¬†years - aside from its own unique pleasures - has gradually, yet radically, transformed how I approached and enjoyed digital photography too. Here… Continue reading How Shooting Film Positively Transformed My Digital Photography