How Photography and Blogging Get More Rewarding Over Time

My first intentional photography was not all that long ago. In 2006, for the first time I chose a mobile phone for its camera's capabilities above all else - the now very humble sounding 3.2MP sensor that graced the Sony Ericsson K800i. Compositionally, the images I made with the Sony aren't that different to those… Continue reading How Photography and Blogging Get More Rewarding Over Time

Camera Collection Reboot – Which Three Would You Choose?

A recent post on JimGrey's blog got me thinking... So many of us have built up a bigger collection of cameras than we intended to - or will ever use - and are struggling to whittle them back down to a manageable size again. But what if we took a different, more radical approach to streamlining the… Continue reading Camera Collection Reboot – Which Three Would You Choose?

The Infamous Camera Families Of Addiction Avenue

As you know, I've greatly simplified my photography arsenal in recent months, and currently use just a Pentax Q and Ricoh GRD III almost exclusively. What I've noticed with great clarity since having the delightful little Q is my behaviour in wanting to acquire more cameras. Being aware of this pattern of consumption helps me… Continue reading The Infamous Camera Families Of Addiction Avenue

The “All I Need” Illusion (And How To Shatter It)

In the West we're bombarded with advertising and selling messages at what sometimes feels like a thousand times a second. Combined with this, many of us are old enough to remember simpler, quieter times, when our parents and grandparents had just one camera, one tv, one car, if that. Instead of at least one of… Continue reading The “All I Need” Illusion (And How To Shatter It)

Sundays Unplugged

I'm all for little experiments in life to try out new things that might improve the well-being of myself and those close to me. Usually, these changes are motivated by a part of my life that I'm not so happy with. For example, recently I've added extra exercise to the core 20 minutes morning yoga… Continue reading Sundays Unplugged