Dances With Digital Dilettantes – Pt 2

Is it possible to have and master just one digital camera that suits all my needs? This is the second and final part of my thoughts on the five digital cameras I have and have extensively used, what they do for me, and why I like them. You can read part one here , which covered my… Continue reading Dances With Digital Dilettantes – Pt 2


Film Faves #2

A regular series of very short posts that revisit some of my favourite film photographs from the last five years since I’ve been shooting film. I'm fond of this shot for a few reasons. Mainly because it was the first shot where I figured out how to deliberately layer two compositions so one filled the… Continue reading Film Faves #2

Triple Underdog – 3 Humble 50mm Lenses That Far Exceeded Expectations

Many vintage lenses have impressive reputations online. But in my direct experience over the last four years or so, disappointingly often I've found them to be expensive and over-hyped. In contrast, I've found a few with very modest (or virtually non-existent) reputations, but still capable of very impressive results. Here are three of these dark horse… Continue reading Triple Underdog – 3 Humble 50mm Lenses That Far Exceeded Expectations

Five Pointed SLR

Despite having four more SLRs than pictured here, these are my latest incarnation of the core kit I love and need. I'm tired of having more, and always switching batteries, straps and lenses around. Here's why I love these five, and plan to keep them and sell the rest - Contax 167MT As fierce as… Continue reading Five Pointed SLR

Mju Little Beauty

Olympus made more than a few of the Olympus Mju 1, or to give it its full name, µ[mju:]-1, and over the last four years, I've had three of them. The first two I enjoyed using but struggled to get any memorable pictures from them, and ended up selling them off, greatly disappointed. My third example… Continue reading Mju Little Beauty


35hunter is a diary of my photography hunting adventures. The three things I'm hunting for are - Beautiful objects and scenes to capture with a photograph. Usually using 35mm film cameras. The ideal camera. Or, more realistically, a small collection of excellent, individual cameras that I love using. A balance between being a photographer and a camera collector.… Continue reading Intro