iPhone – The Ultimate Snapshot Sensation?

The other morning we awoke to snow. With school closed, we hit the slopes. Or rather a local field with enough of an incline to have fun on a sledge with. Keen to have a photographic record of the occasion (only the second day our son has had even a vague opportunity to go sledging… Continue reading iPhone – The Ultimate Snapshot Sensation?

How To Ruthlessly Edit Your Photographs

If you've been an enthusiastic film photographer for even a year or two, no doubt you've made hundreds, if not thousands of images. If you've also used digital cameras, it's highly likely you've edged into tens of thousands. Yes, all those pictures made with your camera phone count too. But how do you choose just the… Continue reading How To Ruthlessly Edit Your Photographs

The Colours Of Spring (Through The Eyes Of The Pentax Q)

It's only mid February but there are plenty of signs of spring here. Which means a bit of a shift in palette from my photography - I've been shooting probably 90% monochrome and 10% muted colour since October.  The Pentax Q is very obliging with its array of settings. Most useful are Custom Image and… Continue reading The Colours Of Spring (Through The Eyes Of The Pentax Q)

Irreversible Photography (And Why I’m Embracing It)

A trend I'm noticing in my own picture taking is a continual shift towards Irreversible Photography. I'd define Irreversible Photography as making photographs that, once made, can't be altered by any post processing or after effects. My recent explorations into zero processing, and a move away from LightRoom to Hipstamatic have been significant steps, and… Continue reading Irreversible Photography (And Why I’m Embracing It)

LightRoom’s Last Hurrah – Why Adobe Has Lost My Trust And Business

Recently I've been experimenting with Hipstamatic on my iPad for processing digital photos. I'd grown tired of the overwhelming complexity and cluttered interface of LightRoom, and although I do like a lot of what it does, for me it's like using, not so much a sledgehammer, but an entire demolition squad with wrecking balls and explosives,… Continue reading LightRoom’s Last Hurrah – Why Adobe Has Lost My Trust And Business