Eight Golden Rules For Rewarding Photography

I'm a firm believer that limiting your creativity encourages it to flourish. Plus, having a pretty minimal and simple outlook in life in general, guidelines support this too. It's the opposite to having unlimited choice. Whilst initially this freedom seems like some kind of nirvana, for me it usually ends up with overwhelm and anxiety,… Continue reading Eight Golden Rules For Rewarding Photography


My Camera, My Notebook, My Sketchbook

Some years ago, when my main creative outlet was poetry, I always had a small notebook close by to jot down poetic fragments that came to me. Then, during more scheduled and longer sessions, I'd flick back through the excerpts and see if the rest of the poems were ready to emerge from me to… Continue reading My Camera, My Notebook, My Sketchbook

How To Create An Amazing Photography Blog

My friend across the pond, fellow photographer and camera enthusiast Jim Grey wrote a post recently about how to be internet famous with film photography. It got me thinking about what I enjoy most about photography blogs, the recipe required for a delicious photographic feast. Here are the ingredients I feel you need - Interesting… Continue reading How To Create An Amazing Photography Blog

How To Stop Being So Disappointed With Your Photography

Most of us amateur photographers explore this pursuit for the pleasure and the passion of it, and probably don't have professional aspirations. Nevertheless, we still like to get something rewarding from the hobby - in both the experience and the final images. Often photography can be very disappointing - especially the photographs themselves. Flicking through… Continue reading How To Stop Being So Disappointed With Your Photography

How I Keep Photography Simple (iPhone Edition)

So recently I've shared a couple of posts about how I (try to) keep photography simple - a film edition and a digital edition. But after writing, re-reading and having some follow up conversations around those posts, I've realised that both could still seem pretty complex to the beginner or outsider. I know if I… Continue reading How I Keep Photography Simple (iPhone Edition)

How I Keep Photography Simple (Film Edition)

Recently I described how I keep my digital photography approach simple and as straightforward as possible by simplifying lens choice, camera settings, adjustments whilst shooting, editing and processing. Let's look at how this is different (and how it's similar) when I'm shooting film. Broadly, I have two approaches. First, shooting without a light meter, with… Continue reading How I Keep Photography Simple (Film Edition)

How I Keep Photography Simple (Digital Edition)

The reasons I photograph are very straightforward, whether I use a film or digital camera, an SLR or a compact. I wrote about this in more depth recently, but the short version is - to roam the English countryside, to feel the immersion of the moment and the whole world being in the viewfinder, to… Continue reading How I Keep Photography Simple (Digital Edition)

Film Photography On A Shoestring

There are still many myths around how much it costs to get set up with film photography. I want to shoot a few more down. A while back I wrote about how to start start film photography for £27. Based on at least two of the three rolls of film I've just got back from the… Continue reading Film Photography On A Shoestring