Five Years From Now My Photography Will Look Like…

So before we talked about what our photography might have looked like if we'd been born a generation older, and you all had plenty to say. Let's throw our time machine into forward gear and project to five years from now. What will your photography look like then? For me, I imagine something like this...… Continue reading Five Years From Now My Photography Will Look Like…

Five Benefits Of Cameranogamy

After years of cheap flings with over a hundred partners in photography (er, in other words, cameras!), I've come to appreciate and appreciate the joys of sticking to a very small selection. Even if I'm not quite a one camera man (yet), here are five of the major benefits I've appreciated by moving ever closer… Continue reading Five Benefits Of Cameranogamy

iPhone – The Ultimate Snapshot Sensation?

The other morning we awoke to snow. With school closed, we hit the slopes. Or rather a local field with enough of an incline to have fun on a sledge with. Keen to have a photographic record of the occasion (only the second day our son has had even a vague opportunity to go sledging… Continue reading iPhone – The Ultimate Snapshot Sensation?

Spare Us Your Shutter Speeds, Share With Us Your Soul

This is an open letter, a plea, to all of us who write about cameras and photography. A plea to espouse less about the range of shutter speeds or shooting modes or sensor dimensions of your latest (old) photographic friend. To spare us another paragraph containing mind numbingly over used phrases like "the top plate… Continue reading Spare Us Your Shutter Speeds, Share With Us Your Soul

How To Ruthlessly Edit Your Photographs

If you've been an enthusiastic film photographer for even a year or two, no doubt you've made hundreds, if not thousands of images. If you've also used digital cameras, it's highly likely you've edged into tens of thousands. Yes, all those pictures made with your camera phone count too. But how do you choose just the… Continue reading How To Ruthlessly Edit Your Photographs