The Most Incredible Photograph You Can Make

Shooting film, where you have a finite (and small) number of exposures on a roll, greatly helped me become more effective as a photographer. It encouraged me to take my time more, and make each shot count, as far as possible. Now I'm predominantly shooting digital again, I've tried to retain some of the best… Continue reading The Most Incredible Photograph You Can Make


Wandering On The Wide Side

When I predominantly shot 35mm film, my default lens was a 50 or 55mm. The world just looked right when viewed through them, plus they're compact, can usually focus down to around half a metre, and perform very well. Then when I began experimenting more with digital - first with my Sony NEX mirrorless, then… Continue reading Wandering On The Wide Side

How To Find The Lenses Best For You – Choosing Focal Length

Since discovering film cameras and vintage lenses some five summers ago, I've been through a fair bit of glass.  Enough to become concerned about being a lensoholic. What I've learned from this experience - and I appreciate compared with some people's lens count this is a tiny drop in the Atlantic - is which lenses… Continue reading How To Find The Lenses Best For You – Choosing Focal Length

Film Faves #2

A regular series of very short posts that revisit some of my favourite film photographs from the last five years since I’ve been shooting film. I'm fond of this shot for a few reasons. Mainly because it was the first shot where I figured out how to deliberately layer two compositions so one filled the… Continue reading Film Faves #2

Lensoholic – Why I Bought 100 Lenses In 50 Months (Then Sold Nearly All Of Them)

Five years into my film photography journey (and probably a decade since I first began photographing with intention, with camera phones), I have less kit than virtually any time since I began. I talked about the importance of narrow focus recently, and a part of this for me includes the cameras and lenses I use.… Continue reading Lensoholic – Why I Bought 100 Lenses In 50 Months (Then Sold Nearly All Of Them)

The Necessity Of Narrow Focus

When I began this blog some 18 months ago, I had the intention of sharing both photography and writing. Not just writing reviews about cameras and lenses, but writing that was interesting and thought provoking within itself, regardless of the surrounding images on the page. I feel I've drifted somewhat from that original aim. So… Continue reading The Necessity Of Narrow Focus

First Flames – Asahi Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 120mm f/2.8

My Lens Love series is for those lenses I've used a fair bit, love using and the results they can give, and want to spread the word about them. Quite often though there are lenses I have that I'm less familiar with, but even with a little use have shown plenty of promise.  I wanted… Continue reading First Flames – Asahi Super-Multi-Coated Takumar 120mm f/2.8

How I Keep Photography Simple (iPhone Edition)

So recently I've shared a couple of posts about how I (try to) keep photography simple - a film edition and a digital edition. But after writing, re-reading and having some follow up conversations around those posts, I've realised that both could still seem pretty complex to the beginner or outsider. I know if I… Continue reading How I Keep Photography Simple (iPhone Edition)