Competent Companion

Recently I've come across a number of Pentax compacts, and am gradually working through them, separating the best from the rest. Which isn't that easy. Pentax know how to make a decent compact, and you can't go far wrong with any of their models from the early 80s onwards for a capable point and shoot.… Continue reading Competent Companion


The Lost Lovers – Part One

This is the first in a series of posts about cameras I have known, loved and lost. I plan to look back at why I loved them ("Romantic Reverie") and then why I ultimately sold or donated them ("In The Harsh Light"). First up, the Yashica Electro 35GTN. Romantic Reverie The Yashica Electro 35 GTN… Continue reading The Lost Lovers – Part One

Expired Emulsions – Ferrania Solaris 200

The first post in this Expired Emulsions series introduced some of the reasons why I love using expired film, and how I use it. One of my favourites is Ferrania Solaris 200 FG Plus. When I first got into film photography in mid 2012, my early film purchases were Fuji Superia 200 and 400, bought from… Continue reading Expired Emulsions – Ferrania Solaris 200

The Smiling Camera

Not one for endless analysis, poring over the fine detail of tech specs, or pixel peeking, I prefer to judge a camera's worth (and whether I keep it or not) by my response to two simple questions -  1. Does it make me smile when I'm using it? 2. Does it make me smile when… Continue reading The Smiling Camera

Wet Weather Wonder

Canon Sure Shots and me have a pretty good history. I've had maybe ten, and all but one have been more than competent, intelligently designed, and fun to use. I recently wrote about the Canon Sure Shot Classic 120, a camera that despite having a zoom lens, is very impressive in virtually all areas, and has… Continue reading Wet Weather Wonder

New Pocket Heroes

One of my ongoing quests in photography is finding the best genuinely pocket sized cameras. There tend to be three sizes of (film) camera that I've experienced. The largest are any that are too big and bulky for even a coat pocket. This includes virtually all 35mm SLRs, and a surprising number of supposed "compact"… Continue reading New Pocket Heroes

The Promise Shot

It starts with someone else's "Promise Shot".  A photograph taken with a camera I've become curious about, that shows enough potential to urge me further to get one for myself and see what I can create with it. Then, hopefully after a roll or two, I manage to make a Promise Shot of my own, one… Continue reading The Promise Shot


35hunter is a diary of my photography hunting adventures. The three things I'm hunting for are - Beautiful objects and scenes to capture with a photograph. Usually using 35mm film cameras. The ideal camera. Or, more realistically, a small collection of excellent, individual cameras that I love using. A balance between being a photographer and a camera collector.… Continue reading Intro